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VALKYRIE is a Spottieottiedopalicious angel currently living in the DMV. Fighting evil by moonlight and saying f*** love by daylight, she can be found at your favorite bottomless brunch in her best church hat. And yes…she does smell sweeter than a plate of yams with extra syrup.

Twitter: @LeValkyrie

Email: LeValkyrieS@gmail.com


LOLO is the original geekazon – all geek, all amazon. Her obsession with books started young and her obsession with alcohol – even younger. Her cat, Mona, is worried about her Fallout 4 addiction, but so long as food is in the bowl – it’s really Meh. You better believe ball really is life, and add a good book to the mix – perfection.

Twitter: @Lohendri

Email: lohendri@gmail.com

Website: LoriAHendricks.com

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