Drunk On Books Ep 7 – A Road Through The Mountains by Miranda Macleod

Welcome to Drunk on Books where the Wine Cooler and Hard Soda shade is real. We discuss what movies/shows make us cry, how the characters in this book are quintessential examples of fuckboys and fuckgirls, and how Cecily No Tyson is clearly just on the 20 year rebound. Also, Valkyrie explains the importance of claiming things in advance, even if it’s fantasy ass that you’ve never had and why Cicely really ain’t about that life. Just in case you didn’t know, Tyler is the only one on the come up in the entire book. The only one.


Valkyrie ? Wine Cooler

Lolo ? Hard Soda


Join us for our next book, The Devourers by Indra Das!  


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