Drunk On Books Ep 5: American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

LoLo: Ginger Beer

LeValkyrie: Ginger Beer AND whiskey (because she always has to be on 10)


Three words to describe this episode: OUT. OF. CONTROL. Hands down, this is our favorite episode so far. Yes, we know we’re only have 6 episodes in total so far, but we’re serious. It’s the best, and our disclaimer about crude language and themes has never applied more. Here’s some direct quotes from the episode:

1) “War, what is good for? Absolutely nothing.”

2) “Once you go minotaur, you never go back.”

3) L: “She rode that man, flipped him inside out?curled right back up into a cat, and went to sleep.”  V: That’s how you do that shit.

4) “Who doesn’t want to see what I Love Lucy got going on behind them polka dots?”

5) “Maybe she felt that every kiss began with Kay and that’s why she wanted to keep that coin.”

“It’s Lit” is an understatement for this episode. Many apologies to Neil Gaiman for the hood review of this book!


Please join us for our next episode where we discuss “A Road Through the Mountains” by Miranda MacLeod!

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