Episode 3: Merrick by Anne Rice


Episode 3 is on and popping with a discussion of “Merrick” by the OGVW (Original Gangsta Vampire Writer) Anne Rice.  Join us as we talk about the unapologetically black, cunning witch Merrick as she uses her powers to do everything except what Valkyrie would do, which is screw yo man and win the lottery. And always, things spiral out of control as Lolo leads a passionate discussion about why Louis the Vampire clearly listens to Drake in his spare time. You can’t script this shit.

This Week’s Drinks:

Valkyrie: Cuba Libre (Flor de Cana Rum, Coke, and Lime)

Lolo: Maker’s Mark and Ginger Beer with a straw


Join us for our next episode where we’ll be discussing “Mama Black Widow” by Iceberg Slim!



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